Atkins – Protein

Crunchy granola bar with whole grain rolled oats, mixed with creamy peanut butter and topped with roasted peanuts
Only 1g Sugar and 2.9g Net Carbs per Serving
Excellent Source of Protein & Fiber

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Atkins Endulge Treat, Caramel Nut Chew Bar, 10 Count (Value Pack)

Caramel, peanuts and nougat, all dipped in a rich chocolaty coating.
Satisfy your sweet cravings with an indulgent Atkins Treat; a perfect dessert without all the carbs or sugar.
Only 1g Sugar and 2g Net Carbs per Serving

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Atkins Meal Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, 2.1oz Bar, 8 Count

Soft and chewy chocolate peanut butter bar with a rich creamy peanuty layer.
Only 1g Sugar and 2g Net Carbs per Serving
Excellent Source of Protein & Fiber

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BNRG Power Crunch


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Celsius Calorie Reducing Drink, 12 Ounce Cans

Provides healthy, sugar free energy for up to 5 hours with no jitters and no crash
Backed by multiple published University studies and shown to burn up to 93% more body fat when exercising
Clinically proven to burn 100 or more calories per can

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Clif Bar Builder’s Bar, 2.4-Ounce Bars, 12 Count

Chocolate-packed protein so good, you’ll reach for one of these even on days you don’t work out.
20g of high-quality protein to help build and repair muscle (see Nutrition Facts for saturated fat content)
Carbohydrates to help you sustain your workout

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Clif Energy Bars

The classic, cravable taste of a fresh chocolate chip cookie
Good Source of Protein and Fiber (contains 5g total fat)

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Clif Kid Organic ZBar

Baked whole grain energy snack for kids
USDA Organic and Non-GMO
No high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or synthetic preservatives

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CLIF Nut Butter Filled Bars – (Coconut Almond Butter

Clif Nut Butter Filled Bar. A whole new type of energy bar powered by Nut Butters
Certified USDA Organic, real food
8-9 g protein

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Gatorade Whey Protein Recover Bars, 12 Count

Made with 20 gram of high quality whey and milk protein to help rebuild your muscles so you come back strong
The protein bar used by the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB is now available to you
Scientifically developed for athletes, each bar contains protein and carbs to rebuild and refuel

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KIND Fruit & Nut, All Natural/Non GMO, Gluten Free Bars

Fruit and nut snack bars.
A satisfying union of chewy dried fruit and crunchy whole nuts.
Made from ingredients you can see and pronounce.

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KIND PLUS Gluten Free Bars

pack of 12
Low glycemic index. Good source of fiber

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